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Monday, July 14, 2003

Why The Uranium Doesn't Matter

The CalPundit explains "Why The Uranium Matters". My terse reply - time will tell. Unlike the Monica and Iran-Contra examples he cites, the Iraq story is still playing out. If, a year from now, the occupation of Iraq is going well (OK, better), and the road map seems to be taking us somewhere in Palestine, then this will be forgotten.

Conversely, if the Middle East is more of a mess a year from now, the uranium puzzle will be the least of our worries, and the credibility and judgement of the Bush team will be wide open to criticism.

That said, the Democrats are on the right track attacking this now, if only to put down some markers (self-query - can we work in an "Old Yellowstain" reference?).

UPDATE: My new best friend Tom Friedman is won to my viewpoint just a few days later!

Eyes on the prize, please. If we find W.M.D. in Iraq, but lose Iraq, Mr. Bush will not only go down as a failed president, but one who made the world even more dangerous for Americans. If we find no W.M.D., but build a better Iraq — one that proves that a multiethnic, multireligious Arab state can rule itself in a decent way — Mr. Bush will survive his hyping of the W.M.D. issue, and the world will be a more hospitable and safer place for all Americans.

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