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Saturday, July 26, 2003

WTF At The Tour De France

I am watching the rain come down on the many riders, and wondering, what sort of a way is this to settle the Tour de France?

Yes, yes, it is raining on all of the riders. But that reminds me of a quip made when someone said, in defending a (network) decision to play a World Series game in the rain, that it's raining on all the players.

Yes, said the skeptic, so it is. And would you say the same thing if there were alligators in the outfield?

The conditions may be equal, but they are not equal to the importance of the moment. The best deserve the best!

UPDATE: OK, Ullrich is the first (of the Top Two) to slide and crash, losing the two (maybe six?) seconds he had picked up, but he is getting back up and carrying on. The announcers say he has lost his nerve, and is clearly riding more cautiously.

END: Lance Armstrong does not fall, and will win the Tour.
And this post-race comment by Armstrong will trigger speculation. I paraphrase - "this has been a difficult tour, for reasons people know, and reasons they don't know."

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