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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Doctors Call for Universal Health Insurance

"In our market-driven system, insurers and providers compete not so much by increasing quality or lowering costs, but by avoiding unprofitable patients and shifting costs back to patients or to other payers," the group, who call themselves Physicians for a National Health Program, wrote in JAMA.

"This creates the paradox of a health care system based on avoiding the sick."

This makes it a perfect complement to our tax system, which is based on avoiding the tax-man.

OK, I see at their website a great quotation:

Some services are too important to leave to the marketplace - for everything else, there's MasterCard.

-- Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

That can't be right.

And more - same people, and what superficially appears to be the same plan, from Feb 5, 2003.

A response from the right, written in Aug 2001.

Groan. This isn't "health care that's always there"; this is the health care debate that's always there. C'mon, "Yahoo", try to put the "new" back in "news". Didn't Kobe change his shirt, or park his car, or something?< br>

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