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Friday, August 01, 2003

I Am Nonplussed

Hearings will begin today on the circumstances under which Dr. Kelly died. Dr. Kelly, you recall, was identifed as the source for a controversial BBC report which claimed that the Blair team had "sexed-up" the intelligence on WMDs in order to strengthen the case for war with Iraq.

His death has been widely reported as a probable suicide - the man was under tremendous pressure, and he was found with his wrists slashed, with painkillers nearby.

Today, however, Lord Hutton, who will oversee the inquiry, revealed this:

...Dr Kelly's body had been found with four electrocardiogram pads on his chest -- one of the mysteries he wished to unravel.

What? If some sinister third party staged a suicide, why leave this? Or, if it was a suicide, what is up with the pads?

Or, are we about to find out that Dr. Kelly, on top of his other worries, was being treated for a heart condition? But this explanation seems so obvious that one wonders why it is being characterized as a mystery - surely investigators would have learned of a medical situation by now.

The Vince Foster crowd will never get over this.

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