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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm Sure I Am Over-Simplifying

Ian Buruma, writing in the NY Times magazine, explains to us "How to Talk About Israel". My take-away - we went to war with Iraq because a bunch of black schoolboys beat up a nerdy Jewish kid.

I need to concentrate.

MORE: OK, let's add a "Disingenuity Alert". The author is noting, and debunking, the widespread notion that a "Jewish cabal" dominates US foreign policy. I agree with his conclusion, but find this unconvincing:

There are several myths to be considered. The first is the idea that the American or the British government is dominated or manipulated by Jews. In fact, none of President Bush's cabinet members are Jewish, and the last time individual Jews played a prominent part in any British government was under John Major.

OK, if reaching all the way back to John Major is allowed, maybe he should mention that under Bill Clinton, we had Robert Rubin at Treasury, Madeleine Albright at State, and William Cohen at Defense. I include Mr. Cohen because I suspect that fans of Jewish conspiracies will look at his name and suspect (correctly, it turns out) that he has Jewish roots.

STILL MORE: A serious, and seriously vexed, response. The Judd Bro fits this into a Grand Unified Theory, and informs us that Jewish men are like, well, women.

For the non-motivated, this chap should convince you of my seriousness, and save lots of reading. And let's put Daniel Urman of Oxblog in the mix.

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