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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Is One Man's "Terrorist" Another Man's "Freedom Fighter"?

Good question. But at the NY Times, the editors have found a Third Way.

[Mini-Update: The scales have dropped from my eyes, and I am now bemused by the "Elvis is Dead!" quality of the following post. However, I stand by my point - the contortions undertaken to pretend these are not terrorists are ridiculous]

Prominent on the front page is a story headlined "Rising Tide of Islamic Militants See Iraq as Ultimate Battlefield". "Flypaper" adherents will point to this as proof positive of validation, and well they should.

I am struck by something quite different, however. My puzzlement begins with the headline, where we are fighting "militants". Continuing through the story, we learn that:

Bit of a cliffhanger! Continued here.

That will teach me to bury the lede!

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