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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

No More Fuzzy Math!

We have moved on to the fuzzy alphabet.

Sure, the entertainment capital of the world gave us "Gigli", but it also delivered "Total Recall: The Rise of Everyone", and we love them for it.

And, in a bit of coals to Newcastle linking, Glenn, putting the "Pundit" in "InstaPundit", makes a good point here. In fact, evidence of his point is buried near the end of this story about last nights forum of Democratic candidates. I happen to know, from having watched, that the first question was about the California recall.

Regretably, I could not see the entire performance. But I did see Al Sharpton deliver yet another well-received line, which I paraphrase:

We are going to find out that Arnold Schwarzenegger is an impostor. He isn't the Terminator. I am the Terminator, and I am going to terminate George Bush, and John Ashcroft, and the rest of this Administration.

Leiberman liked it enough to steal it, and I think we will hear it again.

UPDATE: Mickey thinks Glenn has got this "pundit" trhing working.

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