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Saturday, August 16, 2003

No Respect

From the NY Times:

Hideki Matsui's locker put him directly in the firing line at Camden Yards today.

Matsui's stall in the visitors' clubhouse is located under a television set that showed the Little League World Series. As the players from Japan were introduced, each one listed his favorite major leaguer. The Yankees howled as kids picked Ichiro Suzuki or Jason Giambi. Only three chose Matsui, who finally threw his hands up and walked away, an embarrassed smile on his face.

Those young players must not have seen the Yankees' game with the Orioles on Thursday. With a game-saving catch and two runs batted in, Matsui lifted the Yankees to an 8-5 victory.

Does anything funny ever happen in the NFL?

And please don't answer, because I don't care.

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