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Friday, August 01, 2003

The NY Times Delivers The Snark

A. O. Scott does not like "Gigli", the new J-Lo / Ben Affleck collaboration:

Before we go any further, however, we should clear up the question of how to pronounce Larry's surname, and the title of the picture, in which Mr. Affleck is joined by his real-life fiancée, Jennifer Lopez. In places — especially the long denouement, set on a beach full of bikini-wearing extras — it is certainly jiggly. And audiences, at inappropriate moments, will find themselves helplessly giggly. But Larry's name is pronounced ZHEE-lee, or as he likes to say, "rhymes with really."

As in really, really silly, which is the kindest way to describe this hopelessly misconceived exercise in celebrity self-worship, which opens to nationwide ridicule today.

After that, the reviewer really lets loose. We suspect that writing the review of the film compensated for watching it.

UPDATE: If I had been reading instead of laughing, I would have gotten to this.
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