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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Overlooked Evil

Jay and Jane take us to the heart of (lefty) darkness, for the Grand List of All-American Evil.

Conspicuously absent - Sirhan Sirhan. Had he not killed Robert Kennedy, Kennedy probably wins the 1968 nomination over Humphrey, defeats Richard Nixon for the Presidency, and (relatively promptly) ends the Viet Nam war. No Cambodia, no Watergate, no Kissinger, no McGovern, no Carter, no insane wing of the Democratic Party - what's not to hate?

UPDATE: More on Bobby here.

MORE: Hmm, lots of other non-Americans are missing from the list of "Worst Figures In American History". And some folks have suggested that, just maybe, since Sirhan Sirhan was a resident alien rather than an American, he is not eligible.

I reject that! Sirhan Sirhan certainly affected American history, and he was not a world-historical type such as Hitler.

That said, I can see how he might have been overlooked. Picky, picky.

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