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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Prof. Krugman Discovers the US Constitution

And he correctly places the Treasury Department in the Executive Branch!

Traditionally the Treasury, like the C.I.A., stands somewhat above the political fray. Externally, it is supposed to provide objective data that Congress and the public can use to evaluate administration proposals. Internally, long-serving Treasury analysts traditionally ride herd on political appointees, warning them when their proposals are ill conceived or irresponsible.

But under the Bush administration the Treasury takes its marching orders from White House political operatives. As The New Republic points out, when John Snow meets with Karl Rove, the meetings take place in Mr. Rove's office.

My goodness! Where, under this diabolical scheme, will legislators turn for the un-spun truth? Help is on the way!

Normally I don't do requests, but... what's that? Can I play "Melancholy Baby"? Sit right down....

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