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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Reflexive Bush-Bashing Drives TAPPED Insane (We Tried To Warn You)

TAPPED calls for a larger military, arguing we need it to meet our commitments, and calls for a repeal of the Bush tax cuts.

Oh, for heaven's sake, TAPPED - you don't want a bigger Army, you want fewer commitments. Someday, we will leave Iraq, but armies have an incredible bureaucratic resistance to shrinking. Repeal the tax cuts and spend the money on proper liberal programs. You have Wes Clark and a new found commitment to credibility on national security on the brain.

My goodness.

Note: They link to an LA Times article which may be incredibly cogent, but I can't get to it, so don't vex me.

UPDATE: Vexation here, or maybe here. Thanks. I stand by my diatribe - the author describes a short term problem, and a larger army is a long term solution. Or at least, TAPPED ought to think so.

UPDATE: Or, TAPPED could endorse a proposal by Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison! Put the shovels down, chaps, the hole is already deep enough.

BTW, we note this from her column's conclusion: "We need more troops or fewer missions". Just so.

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