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Friday, August 08, 2003

The Shorter MinuteMan

In which I distill my response to Al Gore's speech down to the steaming, odorous essence:

Al Gore gave a speech in which he explained that the majority of the public was laboring under six false impressions during the prelude to the war against Saddam. Although he is too sly a fox to directly say that the Bush Administration was responsible for these misperceptions, that is clearly his intent, as the NY Times makes clear.

So far, he is simply adopting the rhetorical ploy of the strawman - rather than troubling us with a rebuttal of the case that the Bush Administration actually made for war, Gore pretends that the public understood something else altogether. Are there polls supporting his assertion that "a majority" of Americans believed his strawmen? Of course not - this entire speech is a faith based initiative from the left (We approve!).

However, we are especially offended by the arrogance of his argument for the following reason - both Senators Clinton and Lieberman supported the resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq. Now, I think we can assume that Al Gore considers these two to be thoughtful, serious, and well-informed.

SO, when they supported the war (and Lieberman, at least, still does), were they in the grip of these Bush-inspired "false impressions"?

Or is it Al Gore's position that serious, thoughtful people can have credible reasons for supporting the war, but the average American was too stupid to follow the issues, and ended up supporting the war for bad reasons?

A closing thought from the 2008 frontrunner:

...there is no perfect approach to this thorny dilemma, and... people of good faith and high intelligence can reach diametrically opposed conclusions...

Al Gore evidently has a different view of how people of good faith will approach this.

The post below is a more complete treatment of this subject, complete with tedious excerpts and sly innuendo.

A Cheat UPDATE: We now TOTALLY L-U-V the WaPo!

UPDATE: A while back, Randy Barnett wrote that the Left was "living a lie". Teb Barlow made a convincing argument that the essay was "one of the most useless things I've read in weeks". Jane Galt came at it from right field, and wrote that Barnett's theme "set my teeth on edge".

Fine, I agree. Or did. Now, Al Gore is telling us about the many lies believed by the poor misguided innocents who support Bush's policy towards Iraq.

Is Gore doing what Barnett did? Is it OK, coming from Big Al? Will Ted Barlow or Jane Galt pounce on him? Puzzling.

MORE: Good summary of polling data here.

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