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Thursday, August 07, 2003

US Troops Shift Tactics To Mollify Iraqis

This will presage a shift in tactics in the blogosphere. We linked to a discussion on whether US troops had committed a war crime in Iraq with their aggressive tactics. This new story says that the US is scaling back its raids and targetting more precisely. Why? Because the tactics were successful in reducing attacks on Americans, and because we do not want to (further) alienate the local populace.

SO, from the left half of the blogosphere, we will hear variations of "we were right, and now the military (and Glenn) can see it".

From the correct half of the blogosphere, we will here versions of the "Coffee in Iraq is not decaffeinated" theory: we have a professional, well trained, well-led military in Iraq which is perfectly capable of judging the local situation on the ground far better than we can from 5,000 miles away based on the ocassional new story. They knew the pros and cons when they adopted the iron fist; they know the pros and cons of switching to the velvet glove. Trust, but verify.

Sorry for the near-absence of links. Gotta go.

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