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Monday, August 11, 2003

Valerie Plame Wilson - August 11

Mark Kleiman notices some coverage in the lesser press. (Oh, now I am snide!).

From the St. Petersburg Times:

[Ambassador Wilson] said he believes that political operatives in the White House gave his wife's name to Novak, and he thinks he knows who they are. But he's "not ready, yet" to name them. He hopes an investigation - by the FBI, Congress or both - will take care of that.

That would be a big deal, especially if we believed him. However, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, we get a bit of a chuckle:

In carefully discussing what he called the hypothetical possibility his wife is a CIA employee, Wilson noted that the use of her maiden name would compromise work done before their marriage five years ago.

We were alerted to the fact that her maiden name is part of the Ambassador's on-line bio back on July 23. The Ambassador's credibility on this point is, hmm, limited.

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