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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Valerie Plame Wilson - August 2

Mark Kleiman sends us to a fascinating post at Riba Rambles. Evidently, the White House is meant to provide an annual report to the Congressional oversight committees on the procedures protecting covert agents. Does the annual report have pictures? We doubt it. And if it is simply a general description of policies and procedures, it might just gloss right over the Valerie Plame Wilson debacle.

Might an assertive Congress then reject the report as inadequate? Sure. But why wait? If they are so eager to know, they can have have a few hearings this fall, humiliate a few Admin aides under the bright lights, and settle this.

Oh, I'll say it with you - "As If".

Now, my other news is not nearly as exciting, but:

My anagramatic de-crypters assure me that "Valerie Plame Wilson", properly decoded, is "Ream Elvis; Lie now, pal".

That can't be good.


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