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Friday, August 15, 2003

Valerie Plame Wilson - John Dean Speaks, New David Corn

Yes, THAT John Dean, writing in "Findlaw". He presents the facts in their most dramatic light, and discusses the applicable law, but lacks new info. Mark Kleiman comments.

David Corn has a content rich new column on the impediments to an investigation:

...According to several government sources familiar with leaks investigations, this is how it usually works: if the CIA learns of an authorized disclosure of classified information and wants to see the case pursued, it refers the allegation to the Justice Department. The DOJ then evaluates the legal issues and decides whether to have the FBI investigate. After Schumer made his formal request to Mueller, the FBI kicked the matter over to the CIA, according to a government source monitoring the case. Does the CIA want an investigation? Mark Mansfield, a spokesman for the CIA, declined to comment. And what about the congressional intelligence committees? A Senate intelligence committee source says that committee members have made inquiries but that nothing major is likely to happen until the CIA informs the Justice Department that it suspects the law was broken.

The stonewall starts with the CIA. Corn thinks Tenet will stay loyal to Bush (not a bad guess), and that will be that, unless Congress can rally pressure for a special prosecutor.

And until we know for sure that Ms. Wilson was truly covert, and truly compromised, it will take a real Congressional hero to lay down on the tracks on this issue.


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