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Friday, August 08, 2003

We Tear Out The Front Page - Gore May Endorse Bush!

This cryptic comment from fromer Vice President Al Gore's "Move-On" speech neither stunned the assembled media, nor shook the Democratic Party, but we are fascinated:

"...I've just about concluded that the real problem may be the President himself and that next year we ought to fire him and get a new one. "

As Billy Crystal famously observed in "The Princess Bride", mostly dead is partly alive. Clearly, Al Gore has not yet concluded that it is time for Bush to go!

Perhaps this is what is prompting Big Al to preserve all his options:

The removal of Saddam from power is a positive accomplishment in its own right for which the President deserves credit, just as he deserves credit for removing the Taliban from power in Afghanistan.

Well, some observers believe that the Democrats need to counter a public perception that theyare soft on security; perhaps Big AL not-so-secretly shares that view. Or is Mr. Gore rejecting the Democrats because of their inabilty to offer a compelling alternative message?

...the President's case for urgent, unilateral, pre-emptive war in Iraq ...needed to be challenged more effectively by the Congress.

...The way we went to war in Iraq illustrates this larger problem. Normally, we Americans lay the facts on the table, talk through the choices before us and make a decision. But that didn't really happen with this war -- not the way it should have.

He is clearly troubled. However, I will venture the Bold Prediction that, in an upcoming pass through low Earth orbit, Big Al will decide to endorse a Democrat.


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