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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

In The Land Of Cotton T-Shirts

I see via InstaPundit that NY Times writer Jeffrey Gettleman may have been unfairly characterizing a crowd rallying in support of Judge Moore in Alabama, describing them as "...streaming in from all directions, wearing their crosses and Confederate T-shirts, carrying dog-eared Bibles and bottles of water and enough power bars to last a siege."

Were there Confederate flags at the rallies? Surely other reporters would have noticed.

And surely they did. Erin Sullivan, who we presume to be a fine broth of an Irish lass (which puts her on the outs with the KKK, for those of you who may not know), noticed:

"Into the evening, hundreds of people sprawled across the judicial building's plateau and spilled down its impressive stone steps. Dads with children on their shoulders. Teenagers with religious T-shirts. Elderly people in wheelchairs. Some Confederate flags.

The editors of the AJC also reported that "A small band of protesters, some with Bibles, some with Confederate flags, rallied Thursday at the courthouse for Moore."

Maybe it happened.

MORE: The Timeswatchers take a different and more convincing tack.

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