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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

A Long Month In The (Perhaps Too Hot) Sun

Andrew Sullivan is back! Or, at least, someone is posting at his website. Let's look at this, from "Mission Unaccomplished":

...About [Iraq] we hear two refrains from the White House: a) everything is going fine, actually; and b) this new intensity of terror in Iraq is a good thing because it helps us fight the enemy on military, rather than civilian, terrain. The trouble that we're discovering is that a full-scale anti-terror war is not exactly compatible with the careful resusictation of civil order and democratic government, is it?

If you say so, Andrew, or whoever. But who wrote this, about "Bring 'em on", in "Bush The Populist""

...It's also smart strategy as well - fighting terrorists on our terms, not theirs'. Tommy Franks gets it, of course.

Or, a few days later, who wrote this, in "IRAQ AS FLYPAPER"?

"David Warren seconds my interpretation of president Bush's "bring them on" taunt..."

That reads to me as if Mr. Sullivan is claiming authorship of a plan the existence of which as Administration policy was disputed at the time, and since, although it recently got a flicker from Don Rumsfeld himself.

So, now Mr. Sullivan has changed his mind, and decided flypaper is tacky. Fair enough, but why blame it on Bush and Company?

UPDATE: Mr. Sullivan responds to his critics, who worry that he is wobbly from the sun:

It's precisely because I believe in this war passionately that I believe we need more commitment, more money and more troops to aid the effort. The issue should never be: do you support the president? The issue should be: is what the president doing going to work?

OK. He also shows either that he is a genius, or noted socialist "Lefty" Gomez was, but I am posting on that separately, above.

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