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Thursday, September 04, 2003

More Good News From The Iraq Occupation

Our good-news source, the NY Times, has two upbeat stories today:

101st Airborne Scores Success in Reconstruction of Northern Iraq.

OK, this is not the Sunni triangle but it is heartening. It also suggests a vulnerability of Bush from the right - we have the best, most can-do troops in the world, but the civilian leadership has let them down.

An excerpt:

The 101st Division's sense of mission is swiftly apparent at General Petraeus's command center inside a Mosul palace.

"We are in a race to win over the people," reads a sign. "What have you and your element done today to contribute to victory?"

Mini-update: Doc Drezner has thoughts on leadership styles.


A Jog in Baghdad Offers Lessons About Life in a War Zone

Dexter Filkins describes his nightly jog through chaotic, war-torn, out of control Baghdad. Or, maybe it's not.

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