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Thursday, September 04, 2003

None So Blind

From the InstaPundit:

JOSH CLAYBOURN joins those wondering at the absence of anti-death-penalty protests at the execution of pro-life murderer Paul Hill.

After fifteen seconds with Google-News ("paul hill" demonstrations), I found two stories:

Not your typical group of demonstrators

Death penalty foes protest despite mixed feelings on Hill

The second story, about a local ACLU chapter, has an interesting "vengeance for me, but not for thee" twist:

Susan Watson, chairwoman of the local ACLU chapter, said her group plans to protest every execution from now on. It was just "irony," she said, that Hill's was the first execution since the chapter decided to stage protests.

"I think people are absolutely torn," she said. "The truth is, if anyone deserves the death penalty, it's Paul Hill. But no one deserves the death penalty."

Cox said it was tough for some ACLU members, and some didn't attend the protest because they knew the murder victims.

"It's a complex, emotional issue," he said. "He killed friends of ours."

The post below has the point I want to make on the James Barrett murder.

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